Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Quipu is an open source data warehouse generation system that creates data warehouses. With Quipu you can implement a data warehouse much quicker and easier.
Quipu automates the data warehouse data model design and generates the load code (ETL) to fill the data warehouse from source systems.  
With Quipu you can simply and quickly generate and implement a source driven Data Vault, often referred to as source or raw Data Vault. Additional business value can be achieved by implementing a business Data Vault, where source data is combined in a Data Vault implementation of a single business model. Quipu supports both Data Vault architectures. 
Quipu's repository holds all relevant metadata of your source's data elements and generates a data warehousemodel based on the Data Vault modeling methodology. 
The Data Vault methodology describes how a data warehouse can be designed to be highly performant and very flexible. Quipu provides the functions to build a Data Vault data warehouse quickly and reliably. 
Quipu fills the gap in the tool sets available today to implement a data warehouse architecture by generating, maintaining and populating (database) structures and code to capture changes in data, both transactional  and reference.





For business  
  • Faster integrated source data availability
  • Complete audit trail of source data 
  • Business view of (integrated) source data
  • All the data all the time
For IT
  • Automated data warehouse data model design and implementation
  • Lower total cost of ownership using open source licensing model
  • Repository based metadata driven data model and load code generation
  • Supports most common database platforms using ANSI-SQL over JDBC, both commercial and open source
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