About GGzE

GGzE is a regional healthcare organisation located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, providing specialised psychiatric healthcare services and support to over 20,000 clients a year. All support and care is focused on helping clients to participate in society as fully as possible.


The focus on organisational efficiency and delivering high-quality services, combined with the pressure of  frequently changing regulations, has a significant impact on GGzE’s operational and managerial processes. Transparent information management is key in providing insight into performance. With this in mind, a BI architecture and a dedicated BI department were set up. Despite these measures, GGzE was not successful in effectively turning their information assets into required products and services for their internal users.


Our partner Nippur assisted GGzE with the implementation of their BI architecture. Quipu data warehouse management software was introduced to speed up the development and to increase the overall quality of the Data Vault modelled data warehouse. Five key source systems with over 400 tables in total now populate the enterprise data warehouse. Both the structure and the load code were generated by Quipu (more than 7500 generated statements).

GGzE was one of the first customers to use Quipu 3 Professional Edition, with model extension functionality to easily incorporate source system(s) changes into the generated enterprise data warehouse. Moreover, GGzE also signed a support contract with QOSQO, the leading data warehouse company behind Quipu.


GGzE has a Microsoft SQLServer enterprise data warehouse that is populated by fully metadata-driven ETL. Extensive auditing and logging functionality is in place to trace and monitor load processes. Data marts are developed on the Data Vault using Quipu generated views that act as business information platform. Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and Reporting Services are used to present information to the end users.