The resources pages contain various sources of information on Quipu and Data Vault modelling.


Our Whitepaper (PDF): QUIPU 1.1 Whitepaper final

More documents and Quipu user manuals are available for registered users (free) in the Resources > Documentation & User manuals section.

SourceForge forum

The Quipu forum on Sourceforge requires a user login (registered users only, registration is free).


Blogs and usefull websites

Dutch blog on BI architecture using Quipu at Waterschap De Dommel (Dutch water board)

Various blog entries by BI Future on using Quipu, sample models (Northwind) and groovy templates

YouTube Dan Linstedt channel

Quipu, Wikipedia

Data Vault modelling, Data Vault Institute

Data Vault certified training, Genesee Academy

BI Academy, our training partner