Barry Devlin (9Sight Consulting) has written a business whitepaper about data warehouse automation.  

This paper describes three principles and practices by which business can support data warehouse automation projects. They are: diversity over disparity, collaboration over control, and agility over anarchy. Together, these approaches offer enable the creation of a “biz-tech ecosystem” where business and IT become true partners in the provision of data for business management. Examples from four companies across very different industries show how these principles have been applied to deliver real results in initial implementation and ongoing evolution. In short, they allow IT and business to collaborate in a biz-tech ecosystem so that IT can deliver and aintain  business intelligence solutions with the speed, agility and elegance required by modern business users.

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Quipu whitepaper

This document delivers some background information on QUIPU data warehouse generation software developed by QOSQO. It aims at creating understanding of the position of QUIPU in the BI landscape and development cycle.

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