Some reasons why you would test drive Quipu:

  • See what Data Vault data modelling means and what it looks like on your own data model.
  • Explore various options of Data Vault modelling: peg-legged links, multi-active satellites, relationship groups, etc.
  • Experience the power and speed of generating data warehouse data models and data load code yourself. This knowledge will help you to define or refine your business case.

Quipu is available as a free trial, and has already been downloaded over a couple of thousand times worldwide. We are continuously working on further improvements and new functionality. Join us today to share your experiences of working with Quipu with us and the rest of the world.

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Once registered and logged in, a trial license of Quipu 3 Professional Edition is available on request, via the request form on the download page.

User documentation and installation manuals are included in the Quipu download files. You might also find these documents useful.