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Data warehouse quickstart in a week

Are you interested in what Quipu can mean for your organization? Do you want to be less dependent of manually programmed code?

We offer a one week head start with Quipu:

  • We install Quipu software in your environment, on a virtual machine or hosted in the cloud;
  • We set up a target database, connected to your environment;
  • We connect your source model(s) to Quipu;
  • We generate the corresponding data warehouse data model for you;
  • We load the data warehouse with your data;
  • You build your reports on the Quipu generated data warehouse.

This service shows you the full potential of open source Quipu. Now available for EUR 6.000 excl. VAT. 

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Advanced Quipu Training

We frequently organise Advanced Quipu training. Learn everything there is to know about Quipu, from installing and configuring to using Quipu functions and options. 

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Model support

With Quipu it is possible to generate a first increment of your data warehouse very fast. We offer a ‘model support’ service. Send us your source data model and we generate the corresponding data warehouse data model including load code. Execute the scripts and you are up and running.

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Expert check

Maybe you have decided to implement Quipu yourself and have already generated the first increments of your datawarehouse. It could be very worthwhile to meet one of our experts as a sparring partner to discuss your implementation and learn from other implementations and best practices where Quipu is involved.

One of our consultants can visit you on site to examine  your implementation and generated models as well as the overall architecture you have implemented. 

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Download Quipu to drastically reduce effort to set up your data warehouse. Savings of up to 80% are within reach. Not only because of direct savings in upfront software licence investments, but also in freeing up expensive (hired) staff and reducing manual errors. 

Quipu is available for free, and already downloaded over a thousand times worldwide. We will continuously work on further improvements and new functionality of Quipu. Join us now to share your experiences working with Quipu, with us and with the rest of the world. 


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Authorised Theobald Software reseller - Tuesday, January 21, 2014

 We are proud to announce that we are partnering with Theobald Software GmbH, and that we are authorised reseller for Theobald Software in The Netherlands. 

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