Why we’re in this business

Traditionally, designing and building a data warehouse has been a time-consuming effort involving a lot of repetitive routines being coded. This is still common practice in most projects at companies around the world, despite of high risk of errors involved and debatable overall quality delivered. Moreover, this type of work is not bringing out the best of the data warehouse team!

We believe that people want to maximise their talents. They want  to have a working environment where they can create value with others, and to connect with co-workers and find ways to complement one another. Thus creating synergy, not draining energy.

We truly believe that people want to spend their energy on finding solutions and realising them efficiently and effectively as part of a team. With each team member having his own responsibilities.

How we achieve this

We offer software that generates solutions based on data transformation patterns wherever that is possible.

We support integration with specific solutions for exceptions where fixed patterns do not apply. Our aim is to deliver software that helps reducing the overall throughput time of delivering solutions. Our software improves the quality of these solutions, with cost and effort well in balance with the results. This is achieved by (re-)generation algorithms based on best-practices and by eliminating human errors. We want to be complementing to existing third-party products and services via our open systems architecture and by making our expertise accessible to all.

Our products have a solid architectural foundation, making it easy to scale and expand without compromising on robustness.