Quipu Professional Edition

The Professional Edition incudes functionality for reusing and extending Quipu models. It also provides access to optimised templates for better performance on relational database management systems. This edition is aimed at customers who rely on Quipu in their business environment and need optimal load code performance, and whose data warehouse is increasingly extended with new source attributes. The Professional Edition combines a 12-month licence to access these advanced features with professional support to ensure continued, optimal use of Quipu software.

Advanced Model and Code Generation

  • Full generation of models, views and load code
  • Default ANSI SQL 92 templates
  • One additional set of optimised templates included
  • Optimised templates for various RDBMS platforms

Additional Functionality

  • Model extension functionality, to capture (source or business) model changes. Expand or change previously generated models with new or changed objects without changing existing structures.
  • Access to additional templates

Product Support

  • Access to our ServiceDesk to enter issues and feature requests.
  • Personal phone/mail support guarantees personal access to our experts to help you with Quipu related questions. Direct access to our staff for two registered Quipu users within your company.

Product Updates

  • Quipu is continuously being improved and enhanced with new functionality. A minimum of two releases of Quipu is guaranteed per year.
  • Version updates are released and distributed publicly via our website, and to our customers directly. Professional Support subscribers will receive updates three months before the release is made public. Access to our beta releases is possible on request.
  • Version update support is provided via online demonstration and explanation sessions. We’ll guide you through our latest developments and assist you in migrating to the newest release if necessary.

Customer Continuity

  • In the unfortunate event of issues or bugs, you have direct access to our staff. We’ll fix the problem or find a workaround to ensure continuity in your use of Quipu. Priority is determined by the urgency and impact, as well as by the effect the issue could have on other customers. We will proactively advise you on issues found by other users that might have an effect on you.
  • Two registered Quipu users at your company have access to our issue and change request tracking environment (ServiceDesk).
  • Custom template development. Templates are used to optimise the way Quipu generates code for your target data warehouse platform. We develop these templates so that they optimally fit your needs and requirements (i.e. database platform specific SQL, metadata integration with BI or ETL tools or HTML for documentation).
  • Custom template maintenance. We take over the maintenance of your Quipu templates. We make sure that these templates for generating code for your environment keep working with newly released Quipu software, and when you migrate to a new database platform version or the latest version of your ETL tool, for instance.


  • Subscribers to our Professional Support model are given insight into our development roadmap and are invited to provide their input.